Morgan Gower
Senior Political Advisor

Morgan Gower, the campaign's mastermind and, some might say, the campaign's resident lunatic, came to Bartlet4America when she got a little too bored at work one day and decided that she needed an opportunity to hone her web skillz. She balances her work here -- which includes coding pages, rewatching episodes, and pestering her colleagues with endless memos--with her serious stalking responsibilities. Morgan spends her free time writing angry letters to Congress and attending protests. Contact her about broken links -- or to question her sanity.

Deputy Political Advisor

kate's not crazy.  Really.  She just has the misfortune of befriending crazy people who drag her into fandoms kicking and screaming.  In between classes, kate indulges her obsession with certain other shows and tries to ignore the part where she lives in the same state as that other Hellmouth.

Deputy Political Advisor

Jecar joined the campaign in hopes of rescuing her man Leo from the Pod People Invasion of Seasons 5. She's not been very successfull as yet, but we encourage her to keep at it. Her occasional Republican voting record brings balance to the ticket (though she did become a registered Democrat for the 2004 election, so there's hope for her yet). With a penchant towards sarcasm and snarkiness, we felt putting her in charge of the political message of the campaign was a bold move and with her recent admission that Starsky and Hutch were once her imaginary friends, we have every confidence in her.

Ryo Sen
Communications Director

In addition to her duties as Communications Director, Ryo Sen is a prolific writer. Her fondest wish--aside from that thing with Josh, a pair of sunglasses, and a locked room--is to find "her Jed" and put her in office. As Communications Director, Ryo uses her mad grammar skillz for good, crafting each character bio with the kind of attention to detail usually seen in people suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Send any corrections or additions her way. Really. She'll love it. Only if you use "myriad" incorrectly, the pain you'll suffer won't be worth the time it takes you to write the email.

Jo March
Press Secretary

Jo March, though often and inexplicably confused with Ryo Sen (and vice versa), joined the Bartlet4America campaign with one goal in mind: "I want to be CJ Cregg." While, sadly, that goal remains out of reach, Jo faithfully performs her duties as Press Secretary, keeping the campaign staffers informed of any media issues, and collecting information from diverse sources. If you have a spoiler and don't know what to do with it, feel free to pass it along to Jo.

Deputy Press Secretary

Philateley still isn't quite sure how she got involved with the B4A campaign, but she thinks it has something to do with Morgan's inability to do anything without her.  She feels that her work here goes a long way toward validating her backpack fixation, so let's not enlighten her, okay? Email Philateley to bond over Josh's backpack,  formal fanfic, and the wonder that is her nephew.

Deputy Press Secretary

QofMush joins the B4A campaign fresh off the final voyage of the SS MSR. Remaining onboard the 'ship long after many of her mates abandoned it, Mush nevertheless was ready for a new calling and is happy to join the staff. In between constantly reminding Madame Gower that she saw Josh first, Mush enjoys living the high life in sunny California and watching every romantic movie or television show ever made. Who else would walk around with a nickname like QofMush? Mush welcomes any and all discussions of classic couples, including those who don't realize they are a couple yet, like Toby and CJ.

Deputy Press Secretary

A longtime West Wing fan, Christine was an innocent bystander until Morgan swooped in and requested her calming presence on the message boards.  In her spare time, Christine enjoys fic writing of the Josh/Donna variety and the occasional WB show.

Media Director, In Absentia

The creative mind behind, Susannah comes to us from Houston, Texas. Susannah is a writer and pop culture guru, with one hell of an obsession for books. When not mixing it up with austin, you can find her and her equally cool husband raising the sweetest tyke ever, fondly called "The Munchkin". Oh, and Sus has actually sat on Brad Whitford's lap.  Right there, on the lap. <swoon> She'll even let you touch the skirt she was wearing that day, if you ask her nicely. Special thanks to Susannah, for making this site possible.