Executive Branch
Oval Office
The West Wing
WH Counsel s Office
Other White House Staff
The President s Cabinet
The VP, OMB, all major administration officials, etc.
The First Lady
Abigail Bartlet and her staff
The Judicial Branch
Courts & Lawyers
The Legislative Branch
House & Senate, GAO
The Fourth Estate
Members of the Press
The 2002 Campaign
The Bartlet 2002 Staff You See on TV & the Republican Candidates
Heads of State and Other Dignitaries
Includes Ambassadors, State Governors, etc.
Independent Government Agencies
The FDA, NASA, the Smithsonian-- that sort of thing.
The Good, the Bad, and the Greedy
Non-governmental figures in the news
Family members
Everybody and their brother
Other Characters
These oddballs don t fit in anywhere